PDF customization

Level of effort

Starting from scratch, a DITA OT customization like the Tagsmiths house style would take an experienced DITA OT developer anywhere from one to two weeks to create. With developer costs ranging from $130/hr to $175/hr a cost of $9000 would be typical for the programming alone. Gathering requirements for the PDF could cost another $1000 or $2000.

Flat rate pricing for Tagsmiths house style customization

If you are nearly satisified with the Tagsmiths house style, we can customize the following aspects of it for $2900 (US dollars):

  • Cover logo
  • Cover background
  • Cover book metadata such as date, booknumber, and issue
  • Body fonts and heading fonts including font-family, font-style, font-size, and color
  • Basic vertical spacing changes
  • Body text indent: increase it, decrease it, or get rid of it
  • Icon substitution or removal for notes (see Appendix B in the house style PDF)
  • List indents from the current margin
  • Header and footer content and appearance
  • Generated text changes (for example, changing "Before you begin" to "Prerequisites")

This list may satisfy all of your customzition needs. If not, contact us. We'll either agree to add your request to the flat-rate work or we'll give you a price on how much extra it would cost. These prices are based on you using DITA OT version 2.3 or newer. Porting the plugin to older versions of the DITA OT could cost extra.