PDF - Before and after


Most DITA publishing solutions use the DITA OT open source project to provide PDF and HTML output. Nearly everybody who uses the DITA OT customizes it.

DITA-OT default PDF output

This PDF is what the DITA OT gives you without customization.

Tagsmiths house style PDF output

This PDF is the same DITA produced using the Tagsmiths house style DITA OT customization.

What to do?

If you can use the default format as is, all the work has been done, and you're ready to go. But what if you don't like it?

Unfortunately, the DITA OT is a developer's toolkit and it is not a user application. Consequently, It requires basic to intermediate programming skills to customize (XSLT in particular).

Hopefully, you liked the Tagsmiths house style somewhat better than the default. But, clearly you would need your own logo and perhaps purple isn't your favorite color. We can customize the Tagsmiths house style for you without it becoming a major expense. Please see our PDF customization page for pricing.